Welcome to the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association!

Purple Martin Picture - Audobon SocietyThe Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association is an organization dedicated to helping the Purple Martins feed, breed, and interact with the environment to the best of their bird ability. We’re happy to have them in Portage Lakes,  Ohio and do our best to make them feel welcome.

Many groups help us in our objectives. We have a large number of gourd homes maintained by our members.

Buckeye MartinFest 2019

  • feed the birds when the weather is inclement and they’re unable to fend for themselves
  • we band them when appropriate
  • we have a number of activities and lectures throughout the year.

Benefits for members include opportunities to help us educate the public about the Purple Martins of the Portage Lakes, what they do for us and how we encourage public enjoyment of these beautiful birds.

Buckeye Martinfest 2022
Click here for more MartinFest information!
Adopt A Nest Fundraiser

$50 per Nest

Adopt a Purple Martin Family!

We’ll randomly assign you a specific nest at our State Mill Park site. You can win FUN prizes for things like First Nest With an Egg, Most Eggs in a Nest & more. Come check your nest and feed the birds every Sunday at 2:00 pm. 


We are VERY GLAD to have seen all of you at Buckeye Martinfest! There were OVER 250 PEOPLE in attendance throughout the 3 hour event. Many thanks to all who participated in helping get our birds banded! We were able to band over 100 birds!

We hope to see you soon on one of our Twilight Boat Rides! Sign up is above.
HURRY! Seats are selling fast. 
PLPMA – We Make Memories

Buckeye Maritnfest
Gather at the Lakes Event Venue

Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association Meeting

Second Tuesday of every month
 6:30pm @ Gather at the Lakes

*Optional Dinner at 5:00 pm @Lala’s*

4315 Manchester Road | New Franklin, OH  44319

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Thank Your For Your Supporting Our Twilight Boat Rides!

Our Twilight Boat Rides for 2021 have concluded. We appreciate all who supported our program to view the Purple Martin migration, and hope you all enjoyed your tour with us!

Please go to our Twilight Boat Ride Page  for updates and more information on the tours.

How To Feed Purple Martins

Purple Martin Scrambled Egg Recipe